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I am Eleni and I live in Athens, Greece with my husband, our two children and our dog. Painting and creating, having fun and being with the people I love. This is what I enjoy most in life and this is what comes out in my paintings. 

I work primarily in acrylics but love to experiment with inks, pencil, spray paint, collage. I prefer working on the floor of my art studio (which is basically my living room!) and I usually paint in the darkest hours. But my art is far from dark. Animal portraits filled with color, quirky, vivid, whimsical paintings which I hope will make people happy and brighten up their home. 

I enjoy using non traditional tools when painting such as my hands, toothbrushes, sponges,  My painting are made with acrylic paints, building layers on top of layers, creating depth and texture. 


 My motto? No more dull walls!




photograph by Gertrude Gary Milk

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